Up to 90% of tattoo inks in US may be mislabeled, chemistry researchers find in survey

Tattoos are an incredibly common form of permanent self-expression that date back thousands of years. Most tattoo artists follow strict health and sanitation regulations, so you might assume that tattoo inks are carefully regulated, too.

But as work done by my team of chemistry researchers suggests, up to 90% of tattoo inks in the U.S. might be mislabeled. This isn’t just a case of a missing pigment or a minor discrepancy. These inks contained potentially concerning additives that weren’t listed on the packaging.

What’s in an ink?

Source link: https://www.livescience.com/health/up-to-90-of-tattoo-inks-in-us-may-be-mislabeled-chemistry-researchers-find-in-survey by at www.livescience.com