Science news this week: Burping black holes and radioactive wild boars

This week in science news we’ve seen black holes burping up stars, radioactive Bavarian wild boars and a rather ingenious use for spent coffee grounds.

So, what about those burping black holes? Astronomers have discovered that much like humans — who are prone to a little gaseous emission after a hearty meal — black holes emit a large amount of stellar remains years after devouring stars, and it could be affecting up to 50% of them. And if the universe wasn’t messy enough already, scientists have identified a new class of cosmic explosion brighter than 100 billion suns. Closer to Earth, there are claims that NASA might have found alien life on Mars and then accidentally destroyed it, while in our skies we’ve witnessed a fireball meteor turning the sky green and an unusual lightning ‘sprite’ — one of nature’s least understood phenomena.

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