Fears that dead 60-foot-long whale in Ireland could explode sends experts scrambling

A 62-foot-long fin whale carcass was discovered on a beach in County Kerry on July 9. (Image credit: Valerie O’Sullivan)

Wildlife experts were recently forced to abandon the autopsy of an enormous fin whale corpse that washed up on a beach in Ireland after sounds coming from the giant creature’s gut suggested that it could explode if they cut it open.

The dead fin whale (Balaenoptera physalus), which was around 62 feet (19 meters) long, washed up in the early hours of July 9 at Baile Uí Chuill Strand, in County Kerry, the Irish Examiner reported. The cause of death is unknown but the hefty whale had likely been dead for up to three weeks before it washed ashore, based on the level of decomposition. 

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